The task was to closely collaborate with our client’s headquarters to draw up a specific market research concept allowing the client to evaluate each individual European country as well as analyze Europe globally. It was important for our client to be able to obtain continual, systematic and qualified market research – which covered ad hoc inquiries as well as permanent, blanket information from the trade. Market and customer developments were to be taken into account just as analyses of satisfaction with the product and competitor developments.


Our idea was to integrate various teams throughout the European countries in the process who would communicate with various people on various hierarchical levels in the trade and on consumer level every single day in order to obtain meaningful feedback throughout all segments. The evaluation and findings were collated centrally at one point without neglecting the communication on a country level. The concept comprised compilation of the Q&A form in close coordination with the client, distribution of the forms to all European countries, retrieval of the feedback, editing of data and a summary of the findings, analysis and interpretation of the data, deriving recommendations for action and communicating information to the European headquarters.


  • Trends could be recognized at an early stage and flowed into product development
  • A clear improvement in product quality
  • A boost for consumer satisfaction by increasing product benefits
  • Our client knows today what his customer of tomorrow expects
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