Basically, the task was to draw up concepts for retail events for a big player in the petfood branch that would permanently remain in consumers’ minds and be significantly reflected in sales. The task of our research team was to conduct a competition and consumer analysis both at the desk and in field research.


We verify findings from classic desk research with our D-Force in practice – from the wholesaler and petfood stores to DIY stores. Here, the presence of the client and the competition were intensively examined – identity, product placement, POS and sales promotion measures as well as perception of the sales staff, etc. The analysis was rounded off by an internal employee survey, also with consumers, on the topic of pets. This meant that other valuable insights for creative planning and personal preferences in the end-user approach flowed into the concept.


  • An unusual and implementable concept for retail events
  • An extremely satisfied customer
  • A planned cross-brand trade marketing workshop
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