The project task was the preceding analysis of requirements at the customer, the subsequent system selection and the procurement.

The incremental system implementation as the CRM system including successive expansion to include the areas of document management, Intranet, information database and the internal communication system followed subsequently.


  • Company-specific development of the necessary license concept
  • Rapid and individual adaptation to the operating processes and target-group demands
  • Embracing and active addressing of change processes
  • Intensive training of all employees through multistage modular training concept
  • Knowledge transfer through individual "real-case training"




  • Increase of sales transparency by more than 200 %
  • Increase of project transparency by more than 150%
  • Reduction of usual implementation time through change management by 50%
  • Decrease of the communication expenditures of managers by up to 75%
  • Substantial efficiency and effectiveness increase in communications through the use of chatter
  • Professionalization of the communication and information structure in the enterprise
  • Knowledge transfer and establishment of an inter-site corporate structure
DialogFeld Salesforce CRM