The task was to put together an experienced and highly qualified sales team that was able to enormously increase the success of the cell phone business within a very short time. In addition, the aim was to strengthen retail relationships, develop them further, extend them and, at the same time, to increase the GfK market share.


We first compiled a very exact analysis of the cell phone market and, from this, we developed a sales turnover which, despite the increasing product complexity of more discerning consumers and the enormous pressure of competition still functioned successfully.

  • Development and implementation of an individual sales concept – complete personnel management and automated tour plans
  • Daily management of the sales team
  • Definition of targets, turnover planning, analysis and evaluation
  • Monitoring of the competition and handling of advertising expenses contributions
  • Permanent analysis and optimization of individual project parameters


  • Continual rise in turnover
  • Improved GfK position
  • Permanent increase in in-house shares
  • Continuous optimization of the sales structure and organization
  • Development of general retailers into retail specialists
samsung sales team